PMC Committee Sessions are presided by Committee Chairs or Ranking Members. Committees debate and deliberate Policy Recommendation Proposals on respective Agenda Items in order to draft Policy Recommendation Documents. These need to be approved by a simple majority vote to get passed.

Representatives (Committee Members and Ranking Members) wish to be seen as productive and persuasive policy makers. They are expected to submit their Position Papers via email by Saturday, November 17.

Position Papers should contain principal as well as practical arguments with policy proposal outlines regarding respective Agenda Items, not exceeding 1500 words in total. Based on their Position Papers, two Members on each Committee will be elevated to the Ranking Member status - a Democrat and a Republican.

Journalists and Lobbyists pursue their employers' particular interests. As any other guest speakers, they may officially address the Committee in Session only if recognized by the Chairs or presiding Ranking Member. Lobbyists try to ensure Committee Members make 'fully informed' decisions to benefit hard working Americans (and their employers, coincidentally). Journalists simply strive to break the best story, ideally another Watergate. Read more on our Registration and Organizers & Chairs sites.


(Complete Rules of Procedure will be available soon)

Committee Chairs open each Committee Session with a roll call (and announcements) before entering a moderated debate mode. In this mode, speakers are recognized by Chairs or presiding Ranking Members according to the Speakers' List. Reactions may be entertained to every speech.

The moderated debate mode could be suspened by a simple majority vote to enter an informal discussion for a specified period of time.


Committee Chairs closely follow all participants in order give them verbal feedback during and after the Committee Sessions. If you wish to receive written feedback as well, please email us before the Conference.


PMC 2018 Awards are given in the following areas:


Public Speaking | Negotiation | Argumentation | Research | Leadership | Cooperation | Creativity | Journalism

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Recommended General Research Materials

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Budget Committee | Education and the Workforce Committee

Foreign Affairs Committee | Joint Economic Committee

Congressional Budget Office | Bureau of Economic Analysis

The World Factbook - CIA | OECD | OECD Statistics

World Economic Forum

World Bank | IMF

The Washington Post | Los Angeles Times | Financial Times | Fox News

The New York Times | Bloomberg | Reuters

Politico | The Economist


Transparency International | Peace Action

ALF-CIO - America's Unions | US Chamber of Commerce | Financial Services Roundtable


Last Week Tonight | The Daily Show | The Late Show | A Closer Look

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