"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

Albert Einstein


Prague Model Congress is a novel project merging the concepts of conference simulation, competitive debating and public speaking. It is structured as a model conference, but since its participants are to represent either the Democrats or the Republicans, it is also largely similar to competitive debate formats where the goal is to propose or oppose a given motion better than the other team. This illustrates the very fact that competitive debating evolved from simulating a simplified parliamentary session.

PMC motivates its participants to excel themselves in order to win prestigious awards, which is another similarity to competitive debates, but at the same time it provides them with extensive support, which is a traditional benefit of model conferences. On top of that, PMC fosters different kinds of competitive as well as collaborative argumentation, speaking and negotiation styles, and cultivates advanced analytical skills as it requires thorough understanding of the issues facing the world's greatest power.


Beginners will have a unique opportunity to discover the worlds of model conferences and debating in a very supportive and stimulating environment, enabling them to build their competencies gradually. They will improve their factual knowledge as well as transferable skills - public speaking, negotiation, communication, leadership, critical thinking and independent research among others.

Advanced participants will thrive on the complexity of the topics discussed by respective Committees. The so-called 'Agenda Items' are designed to encourage rigorous research of the relevant areas. This could be of a significant advantage to those willing to dedicate their time and effort, especially in their future academic or professional careers. Moreover, being a successful Journalist or Lobbyist might pose a compelling challenge to even the most adept Debaters or MUNers.

All participants will ultimately benefit from our comprehensive preparatory materials. These will ensure they will be ready for the Congress simulation either when preparing on their own or within their MUN or Debate communities. In addition, our Committee Chairs will provide constructive feedback to every participant throughout the Conference. Find out more on our Rules & Resources and Organizers & Chairs sites.


As strange as it may sound, there is a strong U.S. Congress simulation tradition in the Czech Republic. In 2011, the Czech U.S. Congress Model started in Pilsen (a city in South-West Bohemia renowned for its beer production) and has become tremendously successful and popular since. We wish now to honor and extend that tradition by taking it onto an international level, utlizing our experience from organizing international educational events, most notably the Prague Debate Sping Tournament.

PMC is run the by the Public Debate Institue (PDI), which is a non-profit, non-govermental organization established in the Czech Republic. Its mission is to endorse active self-development and personal growth via innovative methods of education. PDI was founded in 2016 as a legal entity of the Czech Technical University Debate Club. PMC's organizers are also PDI members. Read more about them on our Organizers & Chairs site.

On top of running debate sessions and workshops for high school as well as university students, PDI provides English communication courses for professionals from various businesses. Our aspiration is to create educational projects that are engaging, entertaining and empowering - and make the world not just better, but also more interesting.