PMC is a learning platform combining concepts of popular educational activities.


PMC fosters key competencies such as leadership or collaborative and competitive argumentation.

In addition, it deepens comprehension of important interdisciplinary topics.

Thanks to taking up different Roles, everyone can get fully involved and improve.

Expert Committee Chairs shape the preparation process, navigate the discussions, and provide feedback to participants (Rules).


Similarly to competitive debate formats, PMC participants propose or oppose various policies.

Representing either the Democrats or Republicans entails defending contrasting positions via complex arguments.

Moreover, PMC topics are selected in accordance with typical competitive debate motions.

Our Committee Chairs are long-time debate coaches and judges.

Last but not least, PMC participants are motivated to excel by winning prestigious awards (Rules).


PMC enables beginner as well as veteran participants to perfect their public speaking style.

Addressing a large critically thinking audience could be extremely challenging even for the most capable speakers.

PMC offers ample opportunities and support to practice.

Participants are expected to speak in front of the entire Committee, but only when they consider themselves ready to do so.

Chairs may suspend the moderated debate mode to allow for informal negotiations, additional research, and preparation (Rules).


PMC participants are asked to submit Position Papers - argumentative essays requiring rigorous research.

Each delegate's Position Papers are supposed to contain policy stances or proposals regarding the respective Committee Topics (Rules).

Based on their Position Papers, two Representatives on each Committee will be elevated to the Ranking Member status - one Democrat and one Republican (Roles).

Participants will be provided with extensive preparatory materials, including also key facts and background analyses.


We wish to encourage people with similar interests to come and learn together, utilizing our expertise with hosting international educational events such as the Prague Debate Spring Tournament.

We hope to boost the Czech model conference and debate community as well.