Proposed Agenda Item (I)

'Fiscal Fantasy or Nightmare - Deficit Reduction through Austerity Measures'

The U.S. National Debt has grown beyond 20,000,000,000,000 USD. It has basically doubled during the Obama years. Many worry that the rapidly increasing debt servicing costs would force drastic budget cuts in the future. This could seriously compromise America's ability to pay for its defence or healthcare. Trump's answer to the National Debt Crisis is to introduce expenditure cuts now, proclaiming moreover that deficit reduction will bring economic growth.

The critical question before the Committee is whether this response will not actually deepen the crisis - especially in the long run as extensive cuts in social programs such as MEDICARE or MEDICAID could have adverse consequences for hard working Americans. This is directly linked with the agenda of the Education and the Workforce Committee and the Joint Economic Committee, which are seeking ways to strengthen the economy and secure a sound growth.

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Proposed Agenda Item (II)

'Diplomats versus Bullets - Reallocation of National Resources and Interests'

In Trump's 'Building A Better America' budget proposal, the funding for the U.S. Foreign Service and USAID is severely limited, despite the very fact they comprise only a marginal portion of the entire budget. On the other hand, the military and border security are bound to get hefty top-ups.

As Congress has the power of the purse, this Committee stands before a historic decision whether to continue America's current engagements overseas or maneuver into a new era of isolationism and arms races. This is closely tied with the agenda of the Foreign Affairs Commitee discussing the extent and nature of America's engagements as well as the Joint Economic Committee focusing on America's energy security.

(Briefing Papers Available Soon)


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