PMC's Organizers have been involved in a variety of educational programs for years (even decades).


Richard Gracla

Richard graduated in Economics at the School of Oriental & African Studies in London. He works in corporate education now.

Richard coaches the Czech National Debate Team and convenes the Prague Debate Spring Tournament. He has been involved in debating for over 15 years, participating in competitions in the Czech Republic, United Kingdom, and internationally.

He has also taken part in various MUN conferences including the National Model United Nations in New York, Cambridge University MUN, or London International MUN.


Bedřich Bluma

Bedrich studied Law and History at Charles University in Prague. He works for the Czech government.

Since 2007, he has been judging and coaching entire generations of debaters, including the Czech National Debate Team and many successful speakers on the national and international level.

Bedrich started his MUN career in 2002 when he first visited the Prague Model United Nations. Also, he has been involved in the Czech version of Model Congress since its very beginnings almost 10 years ago.


Jakub Drahorád

Jakub studies Law and International Relations at Charles University in Prague.

He is a licensed youth trainer under the Erasmus+ framework and has served as a youth leader in many international projects.

He has extensive experience with organizing political simulations and model conferences such as the Czech version of Model Congress or Prague Model UN.

He has participated in national and international debate tournaments and joined the Prague Debate Spring OrgTeam in 2017.

Web Developer

Jan Svačina

Jan studies Software Engineering at the Czech Technical University and Baylor University in the United States.

He works part-time as a software engineer at Monet +, which deals with banking and card transactions.

He has been debating and judging at national and international competitions as well as coaching high school and university students.

On top of that, he has been involved in educational projects aiming to popularize science.

Jan also coded the Prague Debate Sping Tournament website.


Committee Chairs are selected according to their experience as well as academic and professional background from a broader pool of PMC's organizers.

They are required to preside over PMC's Committees, produce Policy Recommendation Proposals, and give feedback and awards to participants. We will introduce them to you soon.

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