Proposed Agenda Item (I)

'New Economic Realities - Robotization, Automation and Universal Basic Income'

The global economy is changing rapidly. The transformative impact of robotization and automation has been increasing more apparent. Being clearly linked with the wider concept of sharing economy, this issue poses a major challenge to our contemporary economic models. The task of this Committee is to examine strategies for preserving social stability in the turbulent times ahead.

Is Universal Basic Income (UBI) a suitable solution to new ways of organizing economic activity? Should it be employed only as a temporary measure? Or not at all? Is the so called 'Robot Tax' a better approach? This clearly borders with the agenda of the Budget Committee tackling the National Debt Crisis and the Joint Economic Committee evaluating different policies for boosting economic growth.

(Briefing Papers Available Soon)

Proposed Agenda Item (II)

'Preparing for the Unknown - Reforming Education for the Future'

The future seems to be more unpredictable than ever. How can we prepare for the unknown? Should we teach creativity? And can we teach it? From the 'No Child Left Behind' to the 'Every Student Succeeds' Act, the education system has been failing children, teachers, parents, workers and the entire economy. This has been demonstrated by massive high school dropout rates, teachers leaving their careers only after few years, exorbitant costs of university or college degrees, recordly low labor participation rates and a large skill mismatch in the market.

Everyone agrees that a fundamental reform is needed, but noone is able to present a comprehensive view. It is up to this Committee to produce policy recommendations that will literally shape the future of the nation, its aspirations and affluence. This is naturally connected with the agenda of the Budget Committee, Joint Economic Committee and the Foreign Affairs Commitee, especially from the long term perspective.

(Briefing Papers Available Soon)


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