Proposed Agenda Item (I)

'Boosting Growth or Inequality - Trump's Radical Corporate Tax Cuts'

The U.S. corporate tax of 35% has been the highest in the developed world. Even SYRIZA, the far left party governing in Greece, has kept their corporate rate lower. Actually, many countries decreased their rates in the aftermath of the last recession. Only the Obama Administration remained largely inactive, assuming companies would always want to do business in the U.S.

But does the world's most advanced economy actually need to compete by cutting taxes? Undeniably, there are other ways to strengthen the business environment, such as simplifying the tax code or limiting bureaucracy. Should this Committee back Trump's drastic corporate tax reduction or promote the alternatives?

There is a definite connection with the agenda of the Budget Committee, the Education and Labor Committee, and the Foreign Affairs Committee, examining various ways of bettering the economy as well as deliberating the costs and benefits of international trade and cooperation.

(Briefing Papers Available Soon)

Proposed Agenda Item (II)

'Energy Security - Technology and Environment'

President's grand reversal on renewable energy is marked by expansive plans for coal and oil mining. Will Trump's move towards fossil fuels make the economy more resilient or rather ruin the environment?

Is the decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement going to liberate American companies? Or are they actually more likely to lose their 'green technology' edge, consequently leaving China to become the global leader in this area? And what about nuclear power - is this the answer for ever increasing energy demands?

This links directly to the agenda of the Education and Labor Committee as well as the Foreign Affairs Committee, both considering the distinct impacts of technological change and energy security on America's future.

(Briefing Papers Available Soon)


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