Your role is to defend your Party's line and principles while discussing your Committee's Agenda and drafting Policy Recommendation documents.

You may decide to be more radical or moderate, but you have to be consistent in your position.

Your ultimate goal is to be seen as a strong, constructive and cooperative member of the House, actively shaping the discussion and policy recommendations, winnig support of your fellow Committee Members and hopefully getting re-elected next term.

Read more on our Rules & Resources site.


There will be two Ranking Members on each Committee - one Republican and one Democrat.

They will be selected from among Committee Memebers based on the quality of their Position Papers (submission deadline is April 1).

As a reward for their hard work and dedication, their registration fee will be waived.

Their role is to defend their Party's line and principles expertly, but they are also expected to advance general national interests. Bipartisanism is not an empty phrase for them.

The Chair will give them multiple opportunities to preside over the Committee.

Read more on our Rules & Resources site.


Your role is to observe carefully and interrogate thoroughly.

Your utmost desire is to write the best story from the U.S. Congress, therefore you stay focused on a particular Committee.

You want to kick-start your career in journalism, you crave for being noticed and win awards as much as to make a real change in politics.

Naturally, you will watch the lobbyists, but you should also keep an eye on the Committee Members - and especially the consistency of their statements and promises.

Select your 'dream' employer from the Media List and read more on our Rules & Resources site.


If you are unsure what this role is about, maybe you were not born to be one of them.

Lobbyists may be recognized by Committee Chairs to speak or be yielded time by Committee Members. They do not vote - at least not directly by raising their hands, but they surely have other ways to exert their influence.

Select your 'dream' employer from the Client List and read more on our Rules & Resources site.


Committee Members, Journalists, Lobbyists: 80 EUR

Ranking Members: 0 EUR

Observers: 90 EUR

The Registration Fee covers your participation costs, meals and refreshments (as indicated in our Schedule) as well as discounted Prague Public Transport Tickets valid for all Conference days (Fri-Mon). Please refer to our Venues & Accommodation site and facebook for more information and updates.


Registration Deadline: 14 Mar 2018

Payment Deadline: 21 Mar 2018

Please email us if you have any difficulties meeting this deadline.
Thank you.


PMC'18 Official Registration Form

(Individual & Delegation Registration)

PMC is open to a wide range of pariticipants - from high school students to university alumni.

You must be over 18 years old at the time of travel to the Conference in order to register individually. Otherwise, you must come in a Delegation under a Delegation Leader who is over 18 years old (the Delegation Leader has to register first before the Delegation Participants are registered either by the Leader or themselves).

In every case, the very same Registration Form (above) is used - you select the appropriate registration option (Individual Participant - Delegation Leader - Delegation Participant - Observer) at the top of the Form. This makes the Delegation Leader register the Delegation Participants one by one, but also allows for them to register separately on their own (and to add new Delegate Participants to already registered Delegations later on). Thank you.

Your registration will be fully confirmed within two weeks.

We want to make sure participants are allocated positions in respective Committees according to their priorities in the largest possible extent. The sooner you apply, the more likely you are to get your first choice.

Please do not make any binding travel or accommodation arrangements before your registration is fully confirmed. Email us if you need your confrimation urgently or with any questions.
Thank you.