Committee Members, Journalists, Lobbyists: 70 EUR

Ranking Members: 0 EUR

Observers: 80 EUR

The Fee covers your registration, meals, refreshments, and discounted Prague Public Transport Tickets valid for the main Conference days (Fri - Sun) as indicated in our Schedule.

We are able to offer lower Registration Fees for Czech Participants:

200 CZK (excluding meals and tickets) / 650 CZK (including meals) / 870 CZK (including meals and tickets)

(Register via the Official Registration Form below and state 'Czech Republic' in the 'Country' field)


Official Registration & Payment Deadline: 21 April 2019


PMC'19 Official Registration Form

PMC is open to a wide range of pariticipants - from high school students to university alumni.

You must be over 18 years old at the time of travel to the Conference in order to register individually.

Otherwise, you must come in a Delegation under a Delegation Leader who is over 18 years old (the Delegation Leader has to register first).

Always, the same Registration Form (above) is used - you only have to select the appropriate registration option (Individual Participant - Delegation Leader - Delegation Participant - Observer) at the top of the Form.

Delegation Leaders may register Delegation Participants one by one or allow them to register separately on their own. This also makes it very easy to add new Delegation Participants to already registered Delegations.

Your registration will be confirmed in 2 days, your Committee & Role allocation in 2 weeks.

We want to ensure participants are allocated positions according to their priorities in the largest possible extent. The sooner you apply, the more likely you are to get your first choice.

We advise you make binding travel or accommodation arrangements only after your registration is fully confirmed.

Please email us with any questions.

See you in Prague!