Proposed Agenda Item (I)

'Identifying Threats - Rising Economic and Military Power of China

The U.S. relations to China suffer from strategic ambiguities. Although their economies are closely tied, Washington and Beijing see each other as arch rivals. As the economic and technological gap is shrinking, geopolitical interests are shifting accordingly. Should the U.S. brace for confrontation or rather try to deepen its cooperation with China?

While making its policy recommendations, the Committee should take into account that there are potential threats posed by other nations or entities, such as Russia, Iran, North Korea, ISIS, or Mexico (a country that is 'bigly' dangerous according to the U.S. President).

This is intertwined with the agenda of the Budget Committee and the Joint Economic Committee, both focusing on expanding America's economic potential in the future.

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Proposed Agenda Item (II)

'Capturing Opportunities - Booming Africa'

Africa is now being called the youngest continent. It has the fastest growing population in the world and also some of the fastest growing economies. But with many African countries off the democratic track, suffering from massive humanitarian crises and violent conflicts, this may create opportunities for migration and terrorism rather than development and trade.

Moreover, China seems to be on the largest investment spree in history. Should the U.S. significantly scale up its presence on the continent and create a viable alternative to the Belt & Road Initiative?

This is obviously linked with the agenda of the Joint Economic Committee and the Budget Committee, especially when assessing the importance of international trade in improving America's economy.

(Briefing Papers Available Soon)


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