You may choose to be radical or moderate, but you have to be consistent in your position.

Radical Democrats or Republicans always try hard to defend their Party's line and principles in formal as well as informal debates

Moderates, however, can be occasionally swayed by the other side's superior argumentation.

Your goal as a Radical is to persuade as many Moderates from across the aisle as possible.

Your goal as a Moderate is to be seen voting for the best policies (and get re-elected next term).


There are two Ranking Members on each Committee - a Democrat and a Republican.

They will be selected from among Committee Members based on the quality of their Position Papers.

Their role is to defend their Party's principles and policies expertly, but they are also expected to advance broader national interests - bipartisanism is not an empty phrase for them.

Chairs will give them multiple opportunities to preside over the Committees.

Their registration fee will be waived to reward their hard work.


Your role is to observe carefully and interrogate thoroughly.

Your utmost desire is to write the best story, therefore you stay focused on one Committee.

You want to kick-start your career in journalism, thus you desperately wish to get noticed and win recognition and awards.

Naturally, you are going to watch the lobbyists, but you should also keep your eyes on Committee Members - and especially the consistency and character of their promises.

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If you are unsure what this role is about, maybe you were not born to be one of them.

To be able to address the Committee publicly, they need to be recognized by Chairs or presiding Ranking Members.

Alternatively, Committee Members may yield them their very own speaking time.

They do not vote - at least not directly, but they surely have other ways to exert their influence.

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PMC Roles are designed to ensure evereyone gets fully involved in line with their interest and experience. Having the Democrats and Republicans divided into Radicals and Moderates creates unique dynamics not only during Committee Sessions, but also at Lobbying Lunches and Dinners. Also, it presents the journalist and lobbyists with rife opportunities to prove their qualities.

Please see our Rules for more details.